Don't Fall off the Ladder

Let Solid Oak Tree Service help you trim your trees safely in Freeport & Cranberry Twp, PA

When trimming or removing trees on your property, you want to be sure you have the right equipment. Sometimes a ladder can cause more damage because it's not sturdy or secure. One wrong move and you can come tumbling down without having a chance to take care of your tree.

Trust Solid Oak Tree Service in Freeport, PA to bring the proper equipment to your tree trimming job. We use a bucket truck and crane to get up to the highest of oaks, so that you don't have to worry about your safety.

Don't wait to plan your tree trimming service. Call Solid Oak Tree Service at 724-712-7807 today to book a consultation.

Benefits of using bucket truck and crane service in Freeport, PA

Benefits of using bucket truck and crane service in Freeport, PA

When it comes to trees, sometimes they can look like they're dying when they only need a trim. Here at Solid Oak Tree Service, we have the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to diagnose your tree to determine the kind of attention it needs. In this case, it can be extremely helpful to hire us for a crane service. Some other benefits to using a crane and a bucket truck include:

  • Determining the health of the tree with a close-up perspective
  • Deciding if you need a tree trim or a tree removal service
  • Causing less damage to your yard from use of improper equipment
  • Saving time and money with faster moving equipment

If you're in the Freeport, PA area, call Solid Oak Tree Service for your tree removal that requires bucket truck or crane service. Ask about our 24-hour emergency service!